Terms + Conditions


Terms For Collaboration

A willingness To develop a brand Identity

You need to be 100% ok with developing a brand and clear on the long terms benefits of a brand (in comparison to a small operation that runs under an individual's name.)   

Be Open To Cultivating Your website as a Conversion Funnel 

Your site needs to clearly communicate your specialties, and make introductory offers clear. The kinds of people who are most checking out your site, are people who have newly discovered you and are considering working with you.  

A trustworthy Email Automation System 

Cultivating your email automation long term is going to be critical to supporting your business in multiple ways. (And a scheduling system that can automatically transfer emails from your database is also time saving.)

You Need To OPEn To offering packages 

You need to be clear on what types of packages you offer to support someone's healing crisis. (As opposed to letting a patient decide through the abstraction of reduced faculties what is best.) Packages are proven to be more helpful for patients in terms of healing confidence, structure and they are more profit stabilizing for your business. 


Terms + Conditions

Timing & Readiness

We prefer to work with you when you are ready to focus on growing. If there is an unexpected shift in your life, we recommend that you finish dealing with that first. Whether you  need space to grieve or take care of an ailing family member, we recommend handling that first. Sometimes, people are simply not organized enough to be ready to handle growth.  

Up Front Payments

The primary reason we offer packages and expect up front payments is to reduce administrative time in building proposals, hourly billing, and waiting for payments to show up.



Egalitarian Contributions

We welcome your full participation in making our working collaboration as good and strong as possible. Ideally, we look forward to seeing you flourish, and being worthy of your utmost positive online review. 


Prioritizing talking

According to Harvard research, talking is 3x's faster than typing. If we are collaborating on a project we will request scheduling calls as opposed to ongoing emails.