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Keirsten Lindholm, Founder

My last name means 'lime tree island' in Swedish. Just as limes are alkalizing to the body, I live and work in such a way to always be of benefit. As a survivor of this abusive American healthcare system, I received the most help from independent practitioners in my time of chronic adrenal failure based pain. After restoring myself, I vowed to leverage my skills to help practitioners succeed in massive ways.


  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Email Automation

  • Web Development

  • SEO Blogging Strategy

  • Growth Hacking Research

  • Crafting Introductory Offers

  • Mathematical ROI Calculations

  • High Conversion Landing Pages

  • Setting Up Mindful Marketing Funnels Ideal For Easiest Conversion

  • Cultural competency in systemic issues for women, POC & LGBTQIA


Portland Startup Weekend 2012, Most Innovative Healthcare Grand Prize, $5k

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When I'm not running the Mindful Marketing For Healers FB group, you can find me volunteering for Big Brothers & Big Sisters NW, surfing Devil's Punchbowl on the Oregon Coast and attending VBC (Village Building Convergence) events like 'Being In Right Relationship With Indigenous People.' I cherish my personal path of decolonizing myself, and hope others will discover the joy of mindfulness in this process too. 

Other Causes I Care About:

  1. Gender Balance in Leadership Roles Everywhere

  2. De-Militarizing And Properly Funding Social Services

  3. A Single Payer Health Care System & Equality Between All Medical Practitioners

  4. Decolonizing, Apology, And Making As Many Creative Amends As Possible To Honor Natives and POC

  5. Giving Consenting Adult Sex Workers The Same Legal Protection & Rights As Other Workers, And Increasing Protective Measures For Child Victims Of Sex Trafficking