Founded in November 2012, Lime Tree Advocacy has primarily helped acupuncturists, chiropractors, and naturopathic physicians grow revenue by an average of 40% within the first 6 months of implementing one of our strategies. Limes are pH+ boosting to the body and there's also a kind of lime tree that can produce fruit year round. We believe mindful marketing should feel like advocacy for a good cause. 


Our Services

We offer an inclusivity development package, an ethical 5-star online review program, a high conversion health screening package and a top 5 or 10 marketing strategy package.

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How Are We Unique From Competitors?

We are one of the few healthcare marketing companies that includes hands on implementation support with all training packages. And cost an average of 30% less.

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We are cultivating a community of sharing best practices, social justice triumphs, ways to disrupt the current healthcare system in positive high return ways for both patients and practitioners.

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We take the stress out of choosing what marketing to invest in by doing the math, including a mindful approach and sticking to the highest return tactics.

— Keirsten Lindholm, Founder


Remote Studio

We are a remote studio currently based in Portland, Oregon near the trifecta of newest alternative medicine graduates from National University of Natural Medicine, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and Western States University. 


Marketing Strategy Guarantee

We empathize with our clients for being the backbone of healthcare, paying unsustainable student loan debts and for the discrimination faced by 3rd party insurers who feel entitled to undercut fees. Our high ROI marketing instills confidence and lowers stress. If you do not grow a minimum of 30% within six months of implementation, you'll be completely refunded.  


Inclusivity Views

We choose to actively decolonize  from the leftover nature of dominance and exploitation, encourage egalitarianism and to be mindfully kind of any marginalized people. We empathize with and prioritize POC and LGBTQIA people to reduce the disparity of care gap.